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Thursday, 22 August 2013

One Tool to Disavow All The Bad Links - Disavow File Generator

Hello folks we are back again with new tool created by us that would help you in dealing with Low-Quality/Unwanted Referral Links . It was a case with us just a week before we were getting some undesired referring links of low quality.

Talking in simple language, Low Quality links could hurt the SERP score of a website , Google rates negavetively such websites which are referred by  Low-Quality links like adult site, warez etc. Ultimately affected the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) score.

Thanks to Google they have provided a very good service know as "Disavow Tool "to deal with this low-quality crap. The only thing you have to is make a Text file containing those links. and upload it . But there are some notations that should be used to differentiate between priorities of Links. Though this seems to simple task but what if you are getting Low-Quality juice from new domains in huge amount on Daily Basis  obviously this simple task would turn into Tiresome and Boring Job.

How Google 's Disavow Service Works ?

1) Webmaster makes a list of the links that he/she thinks to be undesired and SERP unfriendly to their website.

2) This List is saved in Text file format .

3) Then Webmaster Uploads it to the Google 's Disavow Service.

4) In span of 1- 2 weeks Google reviews it and ignores them while rating the website 's SERP .

To Cope up with this problem we have designed a Tool "Disavow Tool " for Windows User.
 Actually this tool takes care of all the notations that are needed to be observed to priorities the Links like If you want to Report about the whole domain or just a part of it and then according that the tool generates a text file which could be them directly uploaded to Google Webmaster 's Disavow Tool . Then Google will take care of those Undesired Links referring to your site.

Disavow Tool : Simple Yet Powerful; brought you by The Tech Addas


                   - Deal with Both Specific As well As Domain based Links
                   - Works Fine and Tested on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 
                   - Easy to Use , Friendly Graphical User Interface
                   - Batch Creation. 
                   - Small in Size (~6mb)
                   - It's FREE ! ! !

ScreenShots : 




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Instruction to use tool are included .Still if you get Stuck anywhere feel free to comment we' ll be glad to help . Stay Tuned tuned to The Tech Addas for more Tech Stuff.

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