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Monday, 17 December 2012

[Complete GUIDE] All About Rooting an Android Phone

What Rooting actually means ??

We mostly heard people saying "hey ! ! ! i just rooted my new android phone ", so what this rooting actually is???  what it does??  how it is done ?why to root an android phone and many like this questions dwelling into your mind would be answered, while reading this whole article.

Lets start !!, "Rooting " actually means , gaining a root access or can say superuser access to OS. Android is basically Linux based, Linux users would be familiar to it. for windows user its like administrator access to the system i.e access to core files of the systems.
Generally, when you buy a android phone, manufacturer provides guest privileges to you i.e you are not allowed to do any system level alterations, which is good in one sense ,as you cant mess with system.but at the same time it becames hurdle to some tech savvy peoples who want their phones to provide 100% performance.
before knowing the actual process of rooting, we'll see why to root an android phone.

Why R00ting ??
  • As i said earlier that manufacturer imposes some restrictions, though you have owned it but what if you mess with your phone in such a way that it would be no more functioning at all.
  • Who would be held responsible for that?? to avoid all these crap , manufacturer provides guest access to the system.
  • But due to this guest access many features of the phone remains LOCKED. like you cant give a super user access to the app, or you cant install Custom ROMs to your phones and so on.
  •  So to do all TECH SAVVY stuff you need root your androids.

Super User rights in android
  • But let me warn you rooting too involves some risk bagged with it which are as follows
          1) Rooting voids Warranty

          2) It may make your phone unusable.

          3) As root access is provided to all apps, if you knowingly/unknowingly install some malicious app it may compromise your phones security.
  • But that doesn't conclude that you should not root you android, you should do it if you expect something more from your phone. BUT CAREFULLY

How R00ting is Done??
  • Till yet we know what rooting is, why it should be done and risk factors associated with it.
  • Now we' ll know how it is done .  
Rooting Process in Android
Image Courtesy:
  • Simple Answer to it is by h*cking the protection mechanism like
             1) Bootloader and Recovery
             2) ADB(a.k.a Android Debug Bridge).
             3) Android UI
  • Though there some automated tools for windows users like SuperOneclick, Z4root etc etc. and using same you could unroot your device too.
  • I would be explaining in detail process in my next article. have some patiences til l then

Pro's of Rooting:
  1. Total Access: after rooting your android phone become the real boss of your phone .which means you can now alter system files, apply your own themes and mods as you wish, you could now remove those useless stock apps which are of no use to you.
  2. Improved Performance: You could now install custom ROMs like CyanogenMOD, which would improve the system performance as well as the battery life, also you overclock your android phone.
  3. Improved UI: Rooted Android phones allows installing many community based themes and widgets which may improve the way you use your phone earlier.
  4. Wifi-Tethering: Wifi tethering basically means, sharing network data connection like 2G or 3G with your laptop/desktop Via Wifi Or Bluetooth. rooting your android may provide this feature for which you would charged by the carrier otherwise.
  5. Backing up: backup feature is sorely missed by the stock OS, which would be done after rooting your phone and installing apps like Titanium Backup(which needs root access).    

Con's of Rooting:

  1. Bricking
  2. Security Compromised
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