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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Overclocking / Underclocking EXPLAINED

    Android Device Overclocking/Underclocking
  • Overclocking  basically means, operating the processor of the device at much faster clock frequency than it is meant for.but at the same time the power consumption increases too. 
  • Which concludes that our android phone is going to drain battery at much faster rate than before overclocking it.
  • To successfully overclock your andro-device, first need to have root access over the system. and then using some popular apps like SetCPU, we overclock it.
  • Exactly opposite is underclocking the device, in this we are operating it at much lesser rate than intended to.sometimes manufacturer underclock device so that more power battery backup could be given to the device 
        " Risks involved in overclocking /under-clocking: "
  • As i said before overclocking drain the battery at much faster rate, that means you should willing to have a good performance batteries or atleast spare batteries with you.
  • Battery isn't the only issue, along with the battery processor of the phone heats up too, like our PC's we cant put-up better cooling system to compensate the excess heat produced. so to which extent the device should be overclocked is to be decided first.   
  • also underclocking a device below certain extent could make it useless too.
        "Why to overclock/ underclock device then":
  • Though after reading risks involved, you would thinking then "why the heck should i overclock/underclock my beloved andro". for that my answer would be you should overclock your device within limit (till it remains stable and doesnot affects the battery ). so that you could get a bit more of you device.
  • And about underclocking i would be saying that you should do it when you prefer more battery performance rather than the speed performance or can say you dont need much clock freq. given by manufacturer.
Overclocking Step by step using some popular apps would be explained in my next post , so stay tuned !!!!
and please do comment if you have any doubt i would try my level best to clear them.

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