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Thursday, 14 June 2012

[GUIDE] 7 Most Important Points You Should Know Before Rooting Your Android Device

Android Rooting
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  • Root or precisely called as rooting, is referred to gaining administrator level(for windows users) or superuser level(for Linux n Unix users) access over the device.        
  • Those using Linux would be knowing sudo command, which means you permitted to run apps which needs superuser access, like apps used for overclocking, wireless tethering, backup and many more.


  • ROM is nothing but modded version of an existing android, as like we have variants of Linux.
  • As it is modified version, it contains certain improvement,addition of new features.but make note that installing Modded ROM needs rooting first.
  • if we take an example of samsung galaxy y, which is having stock android 2.3 gingerbread could be replaced by cyanogenmod 9. which bundled with some sizzling features which were missing in the stock ROM.


  • Flashing , is term referred to installing something to your device, which may include Modded ROM or kernel. 

Boot loaders:

  • So in technical language, boot loader is piece of instructions which are run, before the running actual operating systems .
  • main purpose of boot loader, is to instruct the device where and how to find and run the kernel(is like a bridge between the application and the data processing on H/W level) of device.
  •  By default in android devices boot loaders are locked.


  • ADB also known as Android Debug Bridge, is sort of a command line tool much like command prompt in Windows OS.
  • It allows the computer to communicate with your connected android device.
  •  Most of rooting tools uses ADB , which is part of Android SDK(Software Development Kit).


  • Recovery is a kind of software bundled with the phone, which makes backups , flashing ROMs and many more OS level tasks possible.
  • Stock Recovery doesn't performs many of tasks stated above, instead you need to install an Custom Recovery like  "Custom Thunderg  Recovery by Drellisdee" .

Signature Verification:

  • Android devices especially of HTC made, contains this feature which embraces the HBOOT and bootladers
  •  Hboot is analogous to the BIOS in our computers, all the hardware checking and initializing tasks in phone are done by HBOOT.
  • By default Signature Verification is ON, which disallows us from flashing radio images(code which deals with Wifi and GPS of the phone).This Feature is included in most of the rooting tools like Z4root. 

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