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Monday, 16 September 2013

Browzar: Tiny, Secure, Disposable Web Browser for Windows

Hello folks , we are back again with a new tool for you.So Have you been in a situation where you wanted to surf websites/web content like Online Banking from a secure browser ? Did you wanted to Surf  websites without letting  know your bosses, colleagues or friends and leaving no trails behind? Did you wanted your trails of visiting various web contents get erased as soon as you Quit the Browser?

If your Ans is Yes , then we have near to perfect solutions for your requirement , that' s true.

The Solution is "Browzar", a Tiny, Secure and Disposable Web Browser .Now you would be quizzed how much tiny web browser could be 10mb or 5mb but no, its only 203kb in size ! ! ! . Shocked right? but that' s true and the reason for getting such tiny size is that this browser is based on Internet Explorer. Don' t get misunderstood though it is based on IE, it is more secure than it. Reason for using IE was to reduce the size to this extent and as all of us know every windows machine is shipped with IE so this would work on any windows machine without any hassle.

Talking about the term Secure , Browzar has following Security features :

  • No cookies, Temp files ,History are Saved.
  • Secure Delete after Quitting browzar.
  • To avoid shoulder surfing attack Auto complete is blocked.
  • Index.dat file Cleanup.
  • In-built Popup blocker.
All of the above features provide a good level of security for web activities like online banking.

Last point is Disposable, you could carry this tiny little piece of software in you USB flash drives, Compact disks etc . Its portable and you could dispose it after use if you want no un-installation process is required to follow up.

Our Personal Review: We tested this browser thoroughly and following are our views (Totaly Unbaised) 
  • Best Size :203kb 
  • Seems working pretty well on Windows 7    
  • Multi-tab surfing is supported
  • No Add-ons supported 
  • Downloading Experience same as Internet Explorer
  • Auto Delete feature when you quit the browser is pretty fast .
  • And Its FREE !!! 
  • Best for Security Geeks
So Just a give try you would like it,


Browzar Main screen

Browzar Secure Delete

Browzar Delete Option

Download Link:

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Friday, 6 September 2013

J.A.R.V.I.S has became a Reality Now

Hello folks, Today I'll be introducing you to the fiction that became a reality now,  yes that' s true. Most of you must have watched the Sci-Fi Movie Iron Man 3 right ?? where the main lead Robert Downey (Iron Man ) does most of his work with the help of his system called J.A.R.V.I.S . The system that responds to what Iron Man asks for like "Jarvis, do me a favor, blow the Mark 42". 

So Inspired from this movie , a group of computer security enthusiast pursuing their bachelors degree have built Operating System named " J.A.R.V.I.S ". Basically its Linux Based OS with Artificial Intelligence and  Compelling looks . 

This initiative was taken by 18 years old guy named "Chirag Dewan".  

Here is the List what this OS offers:

  • Basic Interaction with User through voice.

  • Scanning Targets for Pentest through voice.

  • Scanning Basic Information about Targets for Pentest through voice.

  • Handling Social Profiles And Mails through voice

  • And much more come.

Must say this guys have done pretty much good job in just development time of 4 months . Yet 3rd Phase of the OS is to come .

 Screen Shot: 
Image Courtesy: The Hacker News

You can download the OS by visiting Official Website of J.A.R.V.I.S Project by this guys here.

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

[HOW-TO] Fix Blue Screen of Death Error

 Today we 'll take a look at the critical error that commonly arises in Windows Operating System and Ways to Fix it

Fix Blue Screen of Death Infographic
If you are wondering how to keep your computer safe from errors such as the blue screen of death error, then you should keep your PC clean and updated.  When you don’t update your PC regularly, parts of your computer lose their effectiveness. 
This results in the blue screen error. By cleaning your registry, temporary files, and Internet history, you can also increase your computer’s productivity and speed. 
Another way to reduce the likelihood of your computer crashing is to fix errors dealing with your computer’s memory.  By replacing your memory stick and deleting unused programs, you are protecting your PC from the blue screen error. 
Another common cause of the blue screen of death error is driver errors.  If your drivers, the programs that help your PC and gadgets communicate, are up to date, then your computer will not freeze up as often.  Fixing memory and driver errors are vital to preventing the blue screen error.

Guest Author: Erin Walsh is the PR Director for Boost Software. She also loves to blog and share her knowledge with everyday computer users, by helping them clean up their slow computer, speed up old computers, update registry files, and troubleshoot the latest blue screen of death fix. You can read more of her posts where gives advice on all kinds of pc errors at

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

One Tool to Disavow All The Bad Links - Disavow File Generator

Hello folks we are back again with new tool created by us that would help you in dealing with Low-Quality/Unwanted Referral Links . It was a case with us just a week before we were getting some undesired referring links of low quality.

Talking in simple language, Low Quality links could hurt the SERP score of a website , Google rates negavetively such websites which are referred by  Low-Quality links like adult site, warez etc. Ultimately affected the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) score.

Thanks to Google they have provided a very good service know as "Disavow Tool "to deal with this low-quality crap. The only thing you have to is make a Text file containing those links. and upload it . But there are some notations that should be used to differentiate between priorities of Links. Though this seems to simple task but what if you are getting Low-Quality juice from new domains in huge amount on Daily Basis  obviously this simple task would turn into Tiresome and Boring Job.

How Google 's Disavow Service Works ?

1) Webmaster makes a list of the links that he/she thinks to be undesired and SERP unfriendly to their website.

2) This List is saved in Text file format .

3) Then Webmaster Uploads it to the Google 's Disavow Service.

4) In span of 1- 2 weeks Google reviews it and ignores them while rating the website 's SERP .

To Cope up with this problem we have designed a Tool "Disavow Tool " for Windows User.
 Actually this tool takes care of all the notations that are needed to be observed to priorities the Links like If you want to Report about the whole domain or just a part of it and then according that the tool generates a text file which could be them directly uploaded to Google Webmaster 's Disavow Tool . Then Google will take care of those Undesired Links referring to your site.

Disavow Tool : Simple Yet Powerful; brought you by The Tech Addas


                   - Deal with Both Specific As well As Domain based Links
                   - Works Fine and Tested on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 
                   - Easy to Use , Friendly Graphical User Interface
                   - Batch Creation. 
                   - Small in Size (~6mb)
                   - It's FREE ! ! !

ScreenShots : 




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                           (Hosted by SourceForge)
Instruction to use tool are included .Still if you get Stuck anywhere feel free to comment we' ll be glad to help . Stay Tuned tuned to The Tech Addas for more Tech Stuff.

If you find any bug/glitch or want to suggest any improvement please do report us.      

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Know the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD

Blu-ray and DVD are media storage devices. There is a lot of difference between Blu-ray and DVD that are not known among the people since the discs may look alike in shape and size. This article will enlighten you on the many differences between Blu-ray and DVD.

 One of the media difference is image quality

 Image Quality

Blu-ray has a better image quality than DVD. This is as a result of the superior resolution which make Blu-ray better than DVD. Blu-ray has a detailed image with clearly defined features or structures like wrinkled clothes or strands of hair.

  Another difference is audio quality

Dolby True HD High Quality Sound
 Blu-ray has a better audio quality than DVD. This is as a result of high resolution power of the Blu-ray. Blu-ray has a maximum resolution of 1,920x1,080 while the DVD is limited to 720x480 hence giving the Blu-ray a clear advantage of having a better audio quality. Another reason is because of the presence of high resolution soundtrack formats like DolbytrueHD which enhances the quality of the sound in a Blu-ray disc.

 The difference is clearly seen in the price

Better Price  Blu-ray is more expensive than DVD. This is because of the special features that are attached to Blu-ray hence it is worth much more than the DVD. Apart from the special feature some of the factors that also affect the price of the Blu-ray are the image and audio quality.

Special features

Blu-ray has additional features to it as opposed to the DVD. The Blu-ray has a pop-up menu that allows you to access functions while the movie is still on. Another feature is the ability to download new content right from your Blu-ray player hence making the Blu-ray better than DVD. You can also play the blu-ray through blu-ray player windows software for it’s best viewing quality.

The load time

Blue-Rat Load Time

Blu-ray takes a while to load. A Blu-ray disc can load after 3 minutes. The speed of loading a DVD is much faster than Blu-ray hence gives it an advantage over the Blu-ray.

 Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity of Blu-ray 25GB

Blu-ray is wider than the DVD. The Blu-ray holds up to 25 GB of data while the DVD holds 4.7 GB of data. The large storage capacity shows a clear advantage over high standards allowing high quality videos and audios to be streamed.

The 3D aspect

3D Aspect of Blu-Ray

Latest movies and series are available 3D aspect, although there are 3D DVDs but all latest movies are available in Blu-ray. This gives the Blu-ray an advantage over the DVD because most people prefer the 3D effect.

Laser technology

Laser Technology used in Blu-Ray Disc Burning
The DVD uses the red laser wave length because of its tiny groves that cannot be accessed by the large laser. Blu-ray just like the name suggest uses blue laser to read the stored information. The blue laser also allows close and precise reading of data from the Blu-ray disc.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Sara Marie. She loves to write about Technology. She recommends for providing best 3d video player.

Hope you like Guest Post By Sara Marie, Thanks Sara for contributing at The Tech Addas . Stay Tuned for more updates buddies.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

[How-To] Easily Configure Lex and Yacc in Ubuntu

Hello folks, This time we'll let you know how to configure Lex and Yacc. Sorry its off topic but just came across it so thought of sharing with you. Talking about Lex , "Lex is a computer program that generates lexical analyzers "- wikipedia . Lex and yacc are tools used to generate lexical analyzers and parsers for more information you visit Lex and Yacc Tutorials.

This tools are not shipped in Any version Ubuntu . So we'll show you how to can get them working in your ubuntu laced machine.

What You will need ?

  •  Ubuntu Machine with Internet Connection.
Actually In Ubuntu,  Lex and Yacc are having alternatives Flex and Bison.

Steps to Get Lex and Yacc :

Step #1: Open Terminal , which would look something like this.(for demo we are kubuntu but dont wory its much similar to ubuntu.)
Step #2: Now Type sudo apt-get install flex , it will connect to repository and do all stuff of installation for you . then type sudo apt-get install bison , this will install yacc alternative .

Step #3: To make sure your lex(~flex) and yacc(~bison) are installed properly just type in termianl which lex and then which yacc , it would look similar to this.

LEX and YACC in ubuntu

Now your ubuntu machine is ready for Lex and Yacc programs .

For Compiling And Running Lex Proprams:  

1) lex sample.l
2) gcc -lfl lex.yy.c
3) ./a.out

Hope you find it usefull , Stay Tuned to The Tech Addas.

Monday, 29 July 2013

[ROM] CZM v2.5 Custom ROM for Micromax A52

Hello folks , here we come with new Custom ROM CZM(Crystal Zen Mod) v 2.5 by jaysidh dumbali. After great success of CZM v1.0 and CZM v2.0 , this ROM developer decided to give more tweaks and performance and reduce the number bugs reported in v1 and v2.

This ROM comes with following mindblowing features:


Adrenaline engine

Loopy smoothness tweak

Sqlite optimise script

Darky zipalign

Ram manager tweak

Miscellaneous kernel tweak

Velocity tweaks


Seeder script

Netfork script

1% battery mod

Laser droid script

                                          source: xda-developers
Flashing Procedure is same as for other ROM of Micromax A52. If you are familiar with that follow the steps 

You will need rooted+CWM Recovery Installed in your A52 and CZM v2.5 ROM . Dont worry if you dont have this you get it by following this tutorial.

CZM v2.5 : Link

Once you have all of the above stuff just perform this steps.

Step 1#: Now Lets start place the CZM v2.5 zip in root of sdcard,make sure your A52 has min. charge level of 60% or above and you have taken backup of your current ROM .

Step #2: Switch off the phone and By pressing "Vol up + Power Button" get into the Clockwork Mod Recovery Mode.

Step #3: Now in there do "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache" after that get into "mounts and storage" and there mount "System".

Step #4: Once you reach Step #4 now the main task remains and that is flashing the ROM. so now just select "install zip from sdcard" >> "choose zip from sdcard" >> "".

Step #5: You have initiated the Flashing process now just go on press next , flashing would take hardly 5min or less and then reboot your device at this point it will ask you for Fix root  make it yes and then it will ask for Disable Recovery and make that no. That's it your A52 is now Armed with CZM v2.5 Enjoy.

Screenshots of CZM v2.5 :

Czm v2.5 by Jaysidh Dumbali


                                                 (Image Courtesy: Jaysidh Dumbali.)

We would be happy to know your experience with ROM. and Also help us by reporting bugs if you find any . Stay Tuned The Tech Addas for more Tech Stuff.