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Thursday, 28 June 2012

[GUIDE]Top 4 Points For Android Device Buyer

Most of the people around the globe, are now moving onto most sophisticated , powerful  and user friendly phones. or simply can say the "ANDROID PHONES". but most of them while buying such phones, randomly choose one on the basis of Brand or looks or suggested by some of their colleagues, unfortunately i would say its not correct way. just going onto brand name or just to opt an phone coz of its looks or going with the colleagues choice. C'mon you are spending hundreds of bucks buying it.

So to make it simple silly, i have framed an this post. without wasting more time lets get onto the point.

Basically, there are 4 MOST IMPORTANT points. that should be took into consideration while opting an Android Phone. if you follows these points i ' m darn sure you would getting the best phone in price budget.

Following Are the points:
            1) Android OS Version
            2) Basic Technical Specs
            3) Build Quality
            4) Some Advanced Specs

1) Android OS Version:
Different Android OS Versions
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  • It is one most important key point which an andro-phone buyer should be concerned about. 
  • As most us know android OS are getting frequently updated starting from android v1.0  to android v4.0(also known as Icecream sandwich).
  • So while buying an andro-phone, you should see if either it 's having latest OS version. latest till these date is the android OS v4.0.
  • But as OS version increases the more you have to pay for it.As different version have quite different features packed with them. 
  • You better refer this detail guide on android OS with the associated  features "Different android OS's and there features".
  • Lastly would like say Most recent the OS version ,better the features it offers you 

2) Basic Technical Specs:
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  • After choosing desired comes the basic technical specs you should look onto.
  Processor ,RAM and GPU: 
 Mostly of the first time buyer , avoid these factors  but they are of the top priority. bcoz you loosing you precious money for it, so while buying an ideal droid phone . it should be having atleast 600Mhz of procesor alongwith 256mb that it would be running with zero noticeable lag. GPU is optional becoz higher the GPU greater the price of the phone.

         Screen Size and Type: 
                                                     An another important factor, Screen Size and type. It would be afffecting your whole experience of feeling your droid phone. So be concerned atleast it should be 3.1 inchs to give you awsum feel. At last but not the least the screen type, most popular out of them are Resistive and Capacitive but i would be recommend you to opt for capacitive. its super smooth as compared to resistive.

                                                    Coming onto next factor, is camera . its more important thing for those who expect their droid phones to capture some special moments in their life. so it be in your mind while buying droid phone.

        Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth:
                                                    Hmmm, till yet we saw several top priority factors. now comes turn of communication stuff , without which the use of smartphone nothing. coming to the point. you should be take into consideration that you should get that device having Wifi + A-GPS + Bluetooth 3.0(much faster transfer rate than bluetooth 2.0).

3) Build Quality: 
Build Quality of Android Device
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Enough talk about the technical specs, now comes to build quality. while inspecting build quality you should keep this in mind . placing of buttons on the phone like volume rockers, home, search, back etc. audio jack and color, for which i would not be telling you bcoz it varies from person to person.

4) Advanced Specs :
           Ok, we covered almost all things . now the last thing is advanced specs for some extraordinary tech savvies. following are advanced specs you should look around
  •    Could the phone be rooted (CAUTION: rooting void the warrenty and may brick your phone if not done  properly).
  •    Does the phone have Custom ROMs and Recoveries .


Hope you Liked the post , If you have any suggestions/queries regarding the post feel free to comment. Please do share with your friends too. Stay Tuned To The Tech Addas for more Tech Updates.

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