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Saturday, 23 June 2012

[GUIDE] All You Need to Know about Custom ROM for Android Devices

Famous Custom ROM's for Android Device

In my previous posts, I had used this term viz "Custom ROMs", Umm so  what are these Custom  ROMs???,Why should we flash Custom ROMs, From where and how to flash them??, you will get an appropriate answer for all such queries throughout this post.

Ready!!!! ,  OK then lets start,

"ROM", you may had heard this word, technically its full form is  Read Only Memory. so whats the relations between Custom ROM  and read only memory? , off course there is. In the modding community ROM is  redefined as a custom OS which are flash/install into the read only memory of the phone. hence called as CUSTOM ROMs.  got it !!!.

So this was intro of Custom ROM, now I'll tell you amazing things about  it
  • Custom ROMs are completely independent OS along with there modded kernel, apps  services  and many more  interesting tech stuffs.
  • We can say them as more advanced Stock ROMs with added features and increased performance.  
  • So how do they modify these Stock ROMs, is not unjust,  noways because  it comes under the bold tag line of "OPEN SOURCE".
  • Anybody with sufficient knowledge and imagination could customized as they like.
Reasons for opting  Custom ROMs:
  • Most of times Custom ROMs comes with increased efficiency and  performance, than the earlier  installed stock ROMs.
  • All the unwanted garbage,  like idiotic apps adhered  to stock ROM  by the manufacturer, are  ripped off.
  • Optimized Kernel.
  • Upgrading to some newer version of android, which was otherwise not provided by  your phone manufacturer.
  • Ability to install App to SD card directly, hence saving the precious internal memory. 
Till yet you saw positive impact of Custom ROMs,  but still it has  some negative ones too.
Risk Factors :
  • During flashing of Custom ROMs, if something goes unexpected it may brick your phone. making it mere piece of metal, plastic and glass.
  • Loss of data, so taking a backup prior to flashing would good for you.
  • Though these Custom ROMs  are developed by some experts, but still they are humans there could be some potential problem too. for example problems like draining of battery at much faster rate or malfunctioning of Bluetooth or like wise.
  • Last but  not the least, like rooting , flashing Custom ROMs "voids the warranty".    
Some Popular ROMs:
  •  CyanogenMod
  •  Lewa
  •  MIUI
  •  AOSP
At last, i would be advising you  after taking all things in mind, decide for flashing Custom ROMs.
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