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Thursday, 2 August 2012

[TUT] Run Windows XP Compatible Programs On Windows 7 in Hassle FREE way !!!

Virtual Win xp
This post is dedicated to all those who are facing incompatibility issue on there PC, loaded with Windows 7 and trying to Run some softwares which compatible with windows xp but not with windows 7. or it may happen that the software you are looking for , is not having Windows 7 support.

So what to do in that case???? installing back Windows Xp  and loosing all mind blowing features of Windows 7 ??? No ways , I would tell you a way to stay with win 7 , enjoying its all features and along with it having win xp running simultaneously.

Lets start then
For this you should be having following things :
1) PC with min 1Gb of RAM
2) Virtual Box (its FREE): Download here
3) Windows Xp (iso image of any variant)

Once you get all this thing, then you are ready to go.
Basically we'll be setting up an virtual environment. so that it acts like two PC's virtually but physically one.
means running win7 and win xp at the same time. with a shared specifications.

  • If any problem/queries feel free to comment . very soon your queries would be resolved :-)
  • Download link of the above presentation is here pass: techaddas

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