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Saturday, 20 July 2013

NearBytes : Now have a Data Transfer like NFC

Hello folks, Today we gonna introduce you to a new Technology which could be a better alternative for NFC. Near Field Communication(NFC) , a technology for data transfer which was introduced just few years back. Often its not supported by all phones like entry level android phones. 

So here comes a better alternative "NearBytes". Nearbytes was founded in 2011, This company has  developed a proximity communication technology based sound waves.

Nearbytes like NFC works within proximity of 10cms and gives a transfer speed of upto 100kbps. Though it is quite slow but atleast you don't need to have special hardware in your device like NFC does . 

Talking about working of this technology, while sending it simply encodes data into series of warbles(sound waves) and at receiver end this sound waves are decoded back to data. Considering noisy environment , no need to worry it works fine .


Final words Why to use it ? 

  1. It doesn't needs extra hardware like NFC.
  2. It works great even in noisy environment. 
  3. It supports any iOS/Android devices. 
Nearbytes have provided SDK for developers at there website

Application developed for Android and iOS till now and available at playstore and itunes:

- S-Contact: Link (For Android)
- S-Contact: Link (For iOS)

Hope you enjoyed the post. please do provide your response/queries. Stay Tuned to 
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  1. nice find , although it would be better if they could increase file transfer speeds

  2. Ya may be in near future they wud find some way to do that