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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beware of New Malware Link Spreading over Facebook Posts

Hello Folks, this is not the first time a malware link spreading on a social network like facebook. but i thought of sharing detailed information on such malicious link with you. Just yesterday found some of my friends posting link in rapid fire mode , i was like huh.. what exciting stuff is in that link that he' s just posting in every group that we were subscribed to . So as an cyber security enthusiast just did kind of short research on it and found these facts which would make you aware how this links could tamper the security your accounts.

That suspicious link was shortened and looking like this:

And these unusual sharing of link raised suspicion:

After getting on this link it redirected to this :

As i was using Firefox on virtual machine it automatically detected my browser, and tried to social engineer (To trick user by for doing some unintended activity like clicking on malicious link etc ) me and alerted that my browser was having critical bug which could be fixed after downloading the  upgrade which was not actually an upgrade but malware. 

On further analyzing it using virus total (a service that analysis suspicious url and files online)

Stunning right ? ? , a url that is spreading malware got undetected by 39 popular antivirus services. Out of 39 only 1 service flagged it as Suspicious which clearly gives signs of Zero day(Newly released exploit) threat 

So folks you just witnessed the level of sophistication increased in malicious activity on social network. This was just an example of facebook. 

Now What  actions should be taken to avoid such mess:

1) Never click shortened links directly. use services like where the link redirects to.

2) Never try to install upgrade like "Browser Security Patch" from untrusted sources.

3) Never authorize access to suspicious apps. 

Hope you liked this post, please let us know your responses on it and share with your friends. stay Tuned to The Tech Addas for more tech stuff. 

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