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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Know the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD

Blu-ray and DVD are media storage devices. There is a lot of difference between Blu-ray and DVD that are not known among the people since the discs may look alike in shape and size. This article will enlighten you on the many differences between Blu-ray and DVD.

 One of the media difference is image quality

 Image Quality

Blu-ray has a better image quality than DVD. This is as a result of the superior resolution which make Blu-ray better than DVD. Blu-ray has a detailed image with clearly defined features or structures like wrinkled clothes or strands of hair.

  Another difference is audio quality

Dolby True HD High Quality Sound
 Blu-ray has a better audio quality than DVD. This is as a result of high resolution power of the Blu-ray. Blu-ray has a maximum resolution of 1,920x1,080 while the DVD is limited to 720x480 hence giving the Blu-ray a clear advantage of having a better audio quality. Another reason is because of the presence of high resolution soundtrack formats like DolbytrueHD which enhances the quality of the sound in a Blu-ray disc.

 The difference is clearly seen in the price

Better Price  Blu-ray is more expensive than DVD. This is because of the special features that are attached to Blu-ray hence it is worth much more than the DVD. Apart from the special feature some of the factors that also affect the price of the Blu-ray are the image and audio quality.

Special features

Blu-ray has additional features to it as opposed to the DVD. The Blu-ray has a pop-up menu that allows you to access functions while the movie is still on. Another feature is the ability to download new content right from your Blu-ray player hence making the Blu-ray better than DVD. You can also play the blu-ray through blu-ray player windows software for it’s best viewing quality.

The load time

Blue-Rat Load Time

Blu-ray takes a while to load. A Blu-ray disc can load after 3 minutes. The speed of loading a DVD is much faster than Blu-ray hence gives it an advantage over the Blu-ray.

 Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity of Blu-ray 25GB

Blu-ray is wider than the DVD. The Blu-ray holds up to 25 GB of data while the DVD holds 4.7 GB of data. The large storage capacity shows a clear advantage over high standards allowing high quality videos and audios to be streamed.

The 3D aspect

3D Aspect of Blu-Ray

Latest movies and series are available 3D aspect, although there are 3D DVDs but all latest movies are available in Blu-ray. This gives the Blu-ray an advantage over the DVD because most people prefer the 3D effect.

Laser technology

Laser Technology used in Blu-Ray Disc Burning
The DVD uses the red laser wave length because of its tiny groves that cannot be accessed by the large laser. Blu-ray just like the name suggest uses blue laser to read the stored information. The blue laser also allows close and precise reading of data from the Blu-ray disc.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Sara Marie. She loves to write about Technology. She recommends for providing best 3d video player.

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