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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Top 7 Reason to Switch to Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft after releasing its whole new operating system Windows 8 , so called successor of Windows 7 , finally got released on 26th October 2012. It Exhibited such a  great excitement among windows lover, that  Microsoft sold 4 million windows 8 upgrades within first three days. 

So there must be something good about it and the same we would be discussing in our today' s article which will give you clear and appealing reasons for switching onto  Microsoft Windows 8.

Making it short and simple we have listed out Top 7 reasons which are as follows

1) Affordable Price
2) Start-up time almost half that of Windows 7
3) Presence of App Store
4) Sync with the Microsoft Sky Drive
5) Improved "File History Utility" 
6) Option to Reset Windows
7) Improved Security

1) Affordable Price: 


Cheap in price
  • When it comes to upgrading an operating system, the cost of that operating system becomes a crucial point .
  • But in case Microsoft Windows 8, upgrade is much cheaper than its predecessor Windows 7.
  • Windows 8 ' s digital copy costs around US$40 and for DVD you'll have to pay around US$70. while Windows 7 upgrade DVD version costs around US$120, the difference is noticeable.

2) Start-up time almost half that of Windows 7:


  • Moving onto next key feature that is "Boot-up or Start-up time" so we would like to say that Windows 8 would impress you with no doubts.  
  • Yes that's true according to the test result of , Windows 8 takes approx 17 seconds for start-up while Windows 7 would take approx 38 seconds. 
  • Going little deeper and talking about the technical aspects behind scenes, Windows 8 utilizes the the hibernation technology to save OS processes to disk rather than removing them and re-load  on next start-up.  

3) Presence of App Store: 


  • Similar to App Store in Apple , Windows 8 too have app store. providing quality and varied apps as per user choice. 
  • The main plus point behind it is that once you have purchased an app you could use it on your other windows 8 devices without paying separate for it simply by signing in. 

4) Sync with the Microsoft Sky Drive:


    Microsoft Skydrive
  • As we know today' s trend that is "Cloud Computing" Windows 8 makes full utilization of it not just for storing,accessing files.
  • But Windows 8 uses it for syncing your personal settings in cloud so that you can use those settings on any other windows 8 machine , to make this whole scene possible Microsoft 's Skydive is integrated into the operating system.

5) Improved "File History Utility":


  • This is kind of backup utility  included in Windows 7 by name "Previous Version". It take a backup of files in libraries and whenever you want , you can revert them back, they are at  your disposal using this feature.
  • but in windows 8 it is packed with some more improvements.

   6) Rejuvenate Windows within few minutes:

  • Rejuvenating Windows, in technical sense means Resetting Windows. In older System Like Windows Xp you need to reinstall periodically due saturation of unwanted system scrap, making system darn slow.
  • To counteract this Windows 8 is packed with amazing feature named "Reset Windows" it would just revert back all system software to their original state like they were after installing fresh copy and all this process would take less than 10min according to our test.

7) Improved Security:  

  • Coming onto the last but not the least point of our concerned, Security measures. Microsoft has taken great care of it , regarding secured boot, verification of windows app installed from the app store and the hardened Internet Explorer 10 for security issues pointed in previous version of it that to without taking support of any third party security software.    


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