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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Basic Components of Cloud Computing

In our previous article "Cloud Computing Defined in 7 Ways"we gave you basic idea on cloud computing now we'll little deeper into the concept.

Cloud Computing Component

So Lets begin , In simple topological sense cloud computing components is made of  several element such as

a) Clients

b) Datacenter

c) Distributed server

Now each element play a specific role in delivering the cloud function.


Cloud Computing Clients

   Clients are the device that the end user interact to manage their information on cloud.
   they generally divide into 3 categories



  Mobile device include (PDA, SMARTPHONE, or IPHONE) 
  now these device are portable and work on wireless access of network, through Internet.


   Now thin computers are that do not have internal hard drives, but rather the server
   do all there work and then display the information.


   Now these are regular computer that do contain internal hard disk,and use web browser
   (Firefox, opera,internet explorer)to connect to the cloud.
   NOTE: (Now thin computer are becoming relatively popular solution for the cloud
                 because of its price or effect on environment)

  Some benefits of using Thin Clients are

   -> Lower Hardware cost

   -> Lower IT cost

   -> Security

   -> Less power consumption

   -> Less noise

   -> Ease of replacement of hardware


Cloud Computing Datacenter


Now datacentre is collection of server where application to which you subscribe is housed, it could be a large room in basement, or room full of server which you access through internet.
Now the growing  trend in IT sector is using visualization ie (using virtual server) in this software can be installed allowing multiple instances of virtual server to be used in this way we can have half dozen of virtual server running on one physical server.
NOTE: (The number of virtual server that can exist on a physical server depend on
                 the SIZE & SPEED of the physical server which runs the application of the virtual server).


Cloud Computing Distributed Clients


   Now the server don't have to be housed in same location often server are in dispersed geographically location but to you the cloud subscriber,these server acts if they are humming right away next to each other. This gives the service provider more flexibility in option and security.



   Amazon has there cloud solution in servers all the world,if something goes wrong for instance causing a failure on one site, the service will not be stopped it would be accessed through another site also if the cloud needs more hardware they  did not need throw more server in the safe room they can add them at another site and simply make it as part of the cloud.

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