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Friday, 5 April 2013

[LEAK]Sony Could Soon Launch a Google Glass Like Product

Watch out technocrats, Sony has filed a patent for a head mounted glass product. Now is this good news or what. We already are eagerly awaiting the Google Glass to hit the market, which is believed to happen within the year end, and now the competition too joins the game with a similar product.

Sony’s various ventures on wearable technology

Sony has not jumped into this technology domain suddenly. They have been silently working on wearable technology for many years now. Their earlier products like the Smartwatch and home entertainment devices such as HMZ-T2 are testimony to this fact. In fact the Japanese electronics giant had filed their first patent on eyeglass computing models as early as 2008, followed by a similar patent filing in 2009. This latest filing by them is a continuation of their early patents and by the look of things their RND team had been working on it for quite some time now and the product might be in final stages.

What do we know of the technology?

Well there is not much data on exactly what the final product is but from the information in hand we could take an educated guess that it is similar to the Google Glass. It is a prototype of an eye glass with both the lenses acting as monitors to display data. It has ear buds embedded on its arms obviously for audio output and has some adjustable display features which would transfer information on to the lenses. This augmented head mount computing system could soon be the next big thing in the gadget market. It has already drawn comparison with the much hyped Google Glass product.

Google Glass – An insight


Google Glass is another one of those grand innovations from the Google house which never ceases to awe us. Those folks in Mountain View have come up with a product which transfers data into an eye-glass like computing system for the wearer to view. Just imagine what it could mean for entertainment, particularly in terms of gaming experience. It would swap the traditional systems into your head mount gadget and the entire screen, which in this case is the lens, would be devoted to the game. They also come with a networking chip which means you could connect with other networks too.
In terms of practical applications to this product, the sky is the limit. Imagine you are walking on a foreign soil desperately seeking directions. If you have a Google translator incorporated in your device, all you have to do is view the signboard through this glass and voila you are not lost anymore. Like this one could imagine thousands of applications such modern technology could be used for.
On the downside the Google Glass is priced at $1500 and we do not expect the Sony model to be any cheaper. Several places, including a bar in Seattle, have already banned Google Glass and of course we would not be allowed to use them in traffic. But as the technology gets older it might be priced a little less and the rough corners might be fine tuned. So all we can do now is to hope Sony, with its 50+ years of experience in electronic products, will bring out a product which will take this technology to another level.

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