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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Top 10: Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8

Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

 Hello Folks , In our previous post Top 7 Reason to Switch to Microsoft Windows 8
where we explained in detail,7 reasons to opt for the new Windows 8 Operating System by Microsoft.  Now we'll be showing you some interesting shortcut key to make you comfortable with it

Till yet many of you must have loaded your system with Windows 8. So liked  the new look of this Operating System ? ?. It has got many transformations in its user interface like start menu in tiled manner and many more such things which if discussed would take one separate post. 

Administrators Menu:  

  • Key Combination: Windows key + X
  • Function: It opens up a menu comprising of some important options like "Disk Management, Command Prompt, Event Viewer "

 Charm Bar:

  • Key Combination: Windows key + C
  • Function: It opens up the newly introduced charm bar on the right horizon of the screen

Settings Menu:

  • Key Combination: Windows Key + I
  • Function: This opens up the new setting menu consisting quick setting options and control panel.

Second Screen Menu:

  • Key Combination: Windows Key + P.
  • Function: It opens up Second screen menu , an must have shortcut for those using projectors, two monitors screen. 

Search Menu: 

  • Now in windows you will have three separate searching options
  • For Searching App: Windows key + Q.
  • For Searching Settings: Windows key +W
  • For Searching Files and Folders: Windows key + F

Running Apps Switching:

  • Key Combination: Windows + Tab
  • Function: If you are having more than one app running  and need to switch between them this shortcut is best suited.


  • Key Combination: Windows key +E
  • Function: This Key would fire up the explorer showing your drives at initial.

Lock the PC:  

  • Key Combination: Windows key + L
  • Function: This Key works in earlier versions too like XP/Vista/7 . Simply Locks and take you to the Log in screen.


  • Key Combination: Windows + R
  • Function: Opens up Run dialog box.

Open Tab Switch: 

  • Key Combination: Windows + T
  • Function: This shortcuts lets you to switch between the opened tabs.
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