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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Security Alert for Android Users ! ! !

If you are an Android user, then better be careful of the cyber-criminals. The maximum percentage of smartphone users have Android platform. This fact has turned the heads of the cyber-criminals to this platform and they have planned to develop malwares , for this particular platform. The luring factor for this unethical group of people is the in-numerous online money transactions via Android devices. 

In 2011, the percentage of Android users was 43 percent and this year, the percentage has been estimated to be around 63 percent. This means that Android devices rule the market and researchers have predicted that by 2013, the number of users will increase upto 76 percent and that would be a great jump. Most of the users use their smartphones, for e-banking or e-purchasing.  
The rapid growth of Android market is directly proportional to the exponential growth of the cyber threats towards this platform, as these devices are becoming the store houses of extremely sensitive information. It is a serious issue for the Android users, as it is predicted to turn worse by 2013. This issue has been reported by Eset, the cyber security program developer.  

Malware methods to steal your information

There are umpteen ways that the hackers have found out to sneak into others sensitive information, to generate illegitimate revenues. At times, it becomes inevitable to escape from their tricks. 

  • Few of the malware programs could be passed in the form of SMS services.
  • Certain apps claim to be third party apps and the moment you subscribe to use them, they infect your phone and pass the control over to the hackers, to get an access to your personal info.  

  • The breeding of malware programs into the web world requires little bit of research and patience:

  • The first step that the hackers have to take is find a vulnerable program in a website that could be exploited, and then the malicious script will be injected into it.
  • Those hyperlinks will then be circulated to as many users as possible, through e-mails or social media platforms, with fancy subjects. ‘Free’ is the most common term that attracts the users and the hackers makes use of it.
  • If, by any chance you happen to click on those hyperlinks, then there they are to exploit your personal data.

  • Security experts and critics say that Google doesn’t take security issues seriously, as Apple does. This is the reason that Android apps are more vulnerable than Apple apps.
  • Hiroshi Lockheimer, the Vice President of Android engineering wrote, "No security approach is foolproof, and added scrutiny can often lead to important improvements.”

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