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Monday, 21 May 2012

What is Android OS ? Why it is Used widely?

Android is a Linux-based operating system specifically made for mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablet PC .It was developed by the OHA(Open Handset Alliance),  led by a well known web tycoon  Google Inc.along with some other companies.
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Android was established in Palo Alto, California, United States on October, 2003 by Four Guys Namely  Andy Rubin ,Rich Miner , Nick Sears , and Chris White. Later On Android   was acquired by Google in 2005, which made Android wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc.

So this was a little history of Android , but still question remains in mind, why it is much widely used while we are having  iOS , Windows, Symbian.

These are the possible reasons for it  :

-  It’ s FREE:
It was made available free of cost and Google made a very clear note that “it will be free in future as well”.

- It’ s Open source:
Unlike other mobile OS like Windows, iOS, Symbian, Google chose to keep Android open for all. Due to which it attracted many developers around the globe.

- Customization-Friendly:
Google gave freedom to the users that they could modify Android as per their needs.hence  due such good will of company Users enjoy flexibility and ease of use.

- Large number of Apps available:
Last but not least , the main key feature that is availability of of large number apps , developed.

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