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Monday, 3 June 2013

Cloud Models Redefined in 3 ways

The Cloud model is composed of 5 Essential Characteristics, 3 service models, & 4 deployment models.

 A) The 5 essential characteristics are as follows:

5 essential characteristics of Cloud computing

  • On-demand self-service
  • Unlimited  network access
  • Resource pooling
  • Location independence
  • Rapid elasticity
  • Measured service

 B) The 3 service models are as follows:

3 service models for cloud computing

  •  Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) — Use provider’s applications over a network.
  •  Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) — Deploy customer-created applications to a cloud.
  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) —Rent processing, storage,network capacity, and other fundamental computing resources.

 C) The 4 deployment models, which can be either internally or externally  implemented,are summarised as follows:

4 deployment models for cloud computing
  •  Private cloud-Enterprise owned or leased
  •  Community cloud-Shared infrastructure for specific community
  •  Public cloud-Sold to the public, mega-scale infrastructure
  •  Hybrid cloud-Composition of two or more clouds

In Next post we'll explain it in Detail. Hope you liked the post , Please do drop your responses and share with your friends.  

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