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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Is Cloud Computing Similar To Web 2.0 Technology ?

As we have heard about Cloud Computing we had also heard about  Web 2.0,In fact Cloud Computing is similar to web 2.0 in many ways, or  you can more likely say they are subset of each-other.

1) What exactly is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 Technology

Web 2.0 is a term that refers to Web design resulting in an interactive transport mechanism, rather than conventional static screens. Web 2.0 is viewed as a platform for running software applications instead of running them on desktop PCs.

A number of dynamics such as (Software Interoperability Standards, Virtualization technologies, High-bandwidth communications,Enterprise applications) all these delivered by Web 2.0 as a emergence of Cloud Computing.

2)  Different people define in different ways. 

Web 2.0, defines  as “the network as platform, spanning all connected devices.”platforms that function like locally available software in the perception to the user. .

These definitions of Web 2.0 sound a lot like cloud computing, but without the technological term.
 Cloud computing is defined  By its architecture and infrastructure (a grid that is interconnect
computers/servers functioning as a whole), Web 2.0 is defined As how the user sees the   serviced by the system. In other words, cloud computing is about computers; Web 2.0 is about people.

Cloud computing refers specifically  use the term  Internet as a computing platform;  Web 2.0, as I’ve defined it, is an attempt to explore and explain the business rules of that platform. Perhaps the terms cloud computing and Web 2.0 are just two different ways of looking at the same phenomenon
cloud computing is a specific Web 2.0 technology. In any instance, know that both terms  and both concepts promise similar results to end users.

  Some of the characteristics commonly associated with Web 2.0 are as follows:

  •  Use of  JavaScript and XML (Ajax)

  •  Free Web services

  •  Use of Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
  •  Social networking

  •  Interactive dictionaries and encyclopedias

  •  Blogging

  •  Collaborative applications   
  •  Sophisticated gaming

  •  Wikipedia and other wikis
  •  Optimized search engines

In 1999, Sales was formed to deliver enterprise applications over the Internet. This capability was followed in 2002 by the provision of Amazon Web Services, and in 2006 by Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) commercial Web service for running customers’ applications. In 2009, Google and Microsoft began offering enterprise application services.

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